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Thank You For Making These Products

I love Liquid-Vet for my 4 year old Siberian Husky. It helps her maintain her joint mobility. It is easy to use & she likes it. Thank you for making these products. Cathy, Tampa, FL

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Helped My Family Of Aging Weimaraners

Dear Makers of Liquid-Vet, at one of the dog shows I picked up literature on your products and purchased it by calling the office. It was after closing and you just happened to still be there. We had a nice, informative conversation, and I decided to purchase your products at a local retailer to try …

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Extremely Easy to Administer

Liquid-Vet Dog and Feline Joint Formulas provide nearly 3x the therapeutic doses of the active ingredients and have very few inactives and artificial ingredients. Plus, our patients like the fact that these formulas are extremely easy to administer. Dr. Kimberly, DVM, Four Paws Veterinary Hospital Leading Integrative Veterinary Practice

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He Eats It – No Problem

I have a Shepard Lab cross who is almost 13 years old. The first year of his life he was abused by his then owners. He came to us at 1 year old and grew into a beautiful 90 lb boy. Unfortunately the treatment he received the first year of his life really affected the …

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Doing Great on Your Awesome Product

Laverne is my girl on Liquid-Vet! She will be 13 on October 9th and doing GREAT on your awesome product, so I decided to take on this formula as a retailer and sell to my customers as well. Thanks so much! Sandra, Owner, pet store Snohomish, WA

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Sold Out with Waiting List

Just a quick update to let you know that I have officially SOLD OUT of the 32 ounce bottles and the 8 ounce bottles. I guess I have to order more soon!! I know my clients are more than happy with the product – – in fact, I have people on a WAITING LIST! Sherri, …

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Number One Selling Product

Customers come into the store all the time asking for Liquid-Vet. In fact, Liquid-Vet is our #1 selling product in our store in all categories! Linda, Owner, Independent Retailer Clearwater, FL

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Sells Itself

It is so nice to have a new product line on the shelf that completely sells itself. We have had numerous customers coming in and asking for it and one customer just came in and bought our entire stock of 24 of the travel size bottles to ensure that her dog would not be out …

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So Impressed with Purity

With a hard working agility dog, joint health is a big concern for me. When I discovered Liquid-Vet, I was so impressed with the purity of the formula, lack of filters, and how my dog loved it, that I decided to rep the line at agility events. Donna Port Orchard, WA

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