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Testimonials: Liquid-Vet Formulas for Dogs

More Pep in Her Step

My dog Shelby has occasional joint stiffness from years of playing really hard. As she’s gotten older, it’s become way too difficult for her to play frisbee or ball in the yard. We’ve tried similar pills & supplements, but she always refused to eat it unless I crushed & hid it in food or treats. We also never …

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Doing Great on Your Awesome Product

Laverne is my girl on Liquid-Vet! She will be 13 on October 9th and doing GREAT on your awesome product, so I decided to take on this formula as a retailer and sell to my customers as well. Thanks so much! Sandra, Owner, pet store Snohomish, WA

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Love the Chicken Taste

My Mastiff mix saw results, and I also use as a preventive for my hunting dog. Plus, my dogs love the chicken taste. Mike Tampa, FL

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Facing a $6000 Vet Bill

I highly recommend this product for dogs of any age. My golden retriever, April, at 10 months old walked with a limp and after lying down after a long walk was noticeably stiff. The vet prescribed an anti-inflammatory with no results. April was facing a CT scan and possible surgery and I was facing a …

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Enjoys Daily Walks Without Stopping

We have 2 Golden Retrievers (ages 7 and 9). Our older one (Morgan) was having an increasingly hard time going for his daily walks without stopping several times. We have tried many supplements over the years but never really found one that seemed to work. My friend told me about Liquid-Vet and we placed our first …

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Working Well for Arthritis

We have been using your Liquid-Vet product for a couple of months now and it seems to be working well for our dog. We were giving him supplements from our vet but they were difficult to give him because they were large pills and he didn’t like their flavour. When we saw your product we …

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We Go Back to the Park Again

Thank you for making this! I haven’t used supplements before and then my Ridgeback had an injury. Now I can go to the park and have the dog run around again and not worry! Mark Clearwater, FL

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More Agile

Your joint formula works great! My 16 year old Rosie loves the taste of the Chicken when she is served it every morning. I find Liquid-Vet Joint Formula to be very easy to dose and really effective making older dogs more agile. Thanks! Mario Vancouver, BC

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He Eats It – No Problem

I have a Shepard Lab cross who is almost 13 years old. The first year of his life he was abused by his then owners. He came to us at 1 year old and grew into a beautiful 90 lb boy. Unfortunately the treatment he received the first year of his life really affected the …

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