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Testimonials: Liquid-Vet Formulas for Dogs

Formula Is Easy to Give

I have a dog who is about 10 years old (rescue so age is a guess) and he started limping on his front right leg. I used your joint care formula and within about 2 weeks he stopped limping and became more active. Your formula is easy to give too. Karen Kamloops, BC

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Getting Much Better Results

I tried pills with my Sheltie but I’m getting much better results with your product. Plus, it is much easier to give as a flavored liquid than the pills that I had to try to hide or crush up, and my dog really didn’t care for the taste at all of those pills. Brandon Clearwater, …

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Clearly More Confident in Her Hips

We got our eight year old Shepherd Dakota from the local shepherd rescue outfit at two years old. She had great spirit but it took her a while to stand up. I believe she had been continually kept in a crate. She was a mess. It took me two years to get her strong enough …

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Works Better

I have 6 dogs. They’ve been on Liquid-Vet for 3 months. It is so much easier than pills from the vet. I just dose during mealtime, it’s cheaper, and works better! Janice Clearwater, FL

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More Natural and Much Better

We’ve been using the product for about a month now and are pleased with it and will reorder soon. My 9 year old Labradoodle has joint problems and has trouble getting up. The medicine the vet recommended worked great but was too costly and wasn’t getting to the heart of the problem, so we decided …

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Chasing the Occasional Squirrel Again

I want to tell you how much we appreciate Liquid-Vet. Dolly, our 14 year old Lab, has had difficulty walking. We opted against surgery and her limp was quite noticeable. You could tell that she was uncomfortable. Although she’s been taking another brand for a couple of years, my local pet store recommended that we switch …

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Will Continue to Buy

I own a 5 year old Belgian Shepherd and he has stiffness in his arms (between the radius and ulna bone) in both arms, as well as hip issues. I do like the product very much and will continue to buy it and even will be placing my smaller dog on it. Autumn Niagara Falls, ON

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Difference was Night and Day

We use your product for our dog, Sabrina an English Springer Spaniel who is 9 and it is an AMAZING product. The difference in her was night and day!!! We are so thrilled as the vet wanted to do more tests and we came across Liquid-Vet. She is now back to her normal self. We recently …

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You Do Have a Great Product

My Weimaraner was hurt chasing lizards. I purchased Liquid-Vet at my local pet store after a recommendation by the owner. After using the product for a week, she was back to hopping up in the car when before she couldn’t even hop on the couch. You do have a great product! Debbie Clearwater, FL

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