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Testimonials: Liquid-Vet Formulas for Dogs

You Do Have a Great Product

My Weimaraner was hurt chasing lizards. I purchased Liquid-Vet at my local pet store after a recommendation by the owner. After using the product for a week, she was back to hopping up in the car when before she couldn’t even hop on the couch. You do have a great product! Debbie Clearwater, FL

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So Easy to Use

Please keep Liquid-Vet at our local pet store. Our lab likes it! This product is so easy to use. Using pills and capsules in the past were almost impossible to get down her because of the taste. This product is simple to use and cost effective when you consider we had to buy pill pockets …

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Easy for Me – No Pills to Give

I have 5 dogs, 3 of which are seniors. I saw the film clip about your formula at the store and decided to give it a try. I only bought one bottle wondering how they would like pot roast flavor. They all loved the pot roast flavor and wait eagerly for their food. My Maltese is …

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Have Bounced Back to Life

I have used it on three of my dogs so far and have seen them bounce back to life. Love that it is a liquid, not a pill and they love the taste. I will keep buying it! Judith

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Miniature Schuauzers Love It

I first found Liquid-Vet at my local grocery store and decided to give it a try on my 12 y.o. Miniature Schnauzer. I ran out while hoping I would find it again at the place I originally bought it at. I could notice a difference in the few days she went without – she began having …

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Back to Lap Dog Status

My 9 year old dog has occasional pain in her back legs and had gotten to the point that she wouldn’t even jump on the couch to get in my lap. Within a week of using this product, she is back to her old lap dog status every night. Babble Dallas, TX

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His Hips Were More Supported

I recently bought Liquid-Vet for Hunter (my 11 yr old lab/austr shepherd). I love that I can dose at mealtime thus no problem getting him to take it. I noticed that his hips were more supported. I highly recommend your product. Thanks for a great product! Tim Clearwater, FL

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Stiffness is Maintained

I purchased Liquid-Vet for my 10 yr old German Shepherd who was moving slowly and within 2 weeks of using this product, his stiffness is maintained. I will continue using this product! Bob Land O’ Lakes, FL

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Continues to Hold Her Own

I purchased Liquid-Vet for my 14+ years Greyhound. She is and has always been a picky eater, even with treats. She can smell medicine or vitamins in food no matter how hard I try to mask any odor. Her hind legs don’t work well anymore. I’ve been searching for a product to help give her some …

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