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Testimonials: Liquid-Vet Formulas for Dogs

Being In Pain

My 11 year old German Shorthaired Pointer was at the point where we had to carry him down stairs. We tried all different types of supplements, but we couldn’t get him to actually eat any of them. We tried Liquid-Vet and he ate it right up. Within a week of starting this, he was able …

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No Regrets!

One of our dogs has been unable to go up and down stairs and to get on the bed. We purchased two bottles of your product. Our future daughter-in-law works at the place we bought it at. We were hesitant at first, but she did such a great job of promoting it that we decided to …

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Love This Product

My Italian Mastiff, Roxxy had surgery on her left knee about a year ago. Sure enough, Roxxy started limping 2 months ago and I said what am I going to do? The first surgery cost $6000.00 and there was no way I could fund another. On walks the clicking sound coming from Roxxy’s right leg …

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One Happy Dog!

Your product really works great for my Golden Retrievers. I’m glad I gave Liquid-Vet a try. I have never seen my dog play with our other Golden as much since he’s been on your product!!! I have stopped the pain meds and have him only on your product now. He’s one happy dog!! Julie St. …

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Number One Selling Product

Customers come into the store all the time asking for Liquid-Vet. In fact, Liquid-Vet is our #1 selling product in our store in all categories! Linda, Owner, Independent Retailer Clearwater, FL

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