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No Xrays Needed

Pamela Smithson & Romeo OK TO USE

Last visit to the vet for an ear cleaning, the vet suggested my big boy may have the start of arthritis in his hips. I thought I would look into a joint supplement and found Liquid-Vet. Romeo is doing so much better now. Liquid-Vet also saved me money in vet fees; no xrays needed for …

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Love Your Product!

Rachel Dillion & dog #1 OK TO USE

I absolutely love your product! I use it for my 10 year old dog who has arthritis. It seems his back legs have improved tremendously. Rachel D., Maryland

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He Had His Mojo Back

Denise & Mike Riddell & Mojo OK TO USE

My black lab, Mojo had been suffering from joint stiffness. I had taken him to the vet and a prescription was given for medication to alleviate it. Although it helped, it really made Mojo tired and just not himself. I saw your product, Liquid-Vet Holistic Joint formula on the shelf of my local pet food store …

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Best Advice I Have Ever Received

Nikki Banks & Skeeter OK TO USE

When my dog Skeeter was in his 13th year, my vet told me that he was beginning to get joint stiffness in his back. After doing a bunch of research I went into my pet store to ask their advice on what to use, and they put me onto Liquid-Vet. This was the best advice …

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Very Happy with the Results

Lynette Stewart & Deigo OK TO USE

We have been using Liquid-Vet Joint for about 6 months now. We have noticed our 7 year old large, mixed breed dog Diego’s joint pain being maintained. He had surgery on his knee at 10 months old, and has pain in both knees and hips. As he ages we have had to scale back the …

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Peaches Health and Mobility Have Been Supported

Dale Curtis_Peaches_OK TO USE

Our cat had been limping badly about a year ago, and we were concerned for her health. I checked with a vet who suggested some medication. Our local pet store recommended your Liquid-Vet Holistics Cat Joint Formula, and Peaches is now able to jump down from my lap – something she had not been doing for several …

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Thank You For Making These Products

I love Liquid-Vet for my 4 year old Siberian Husky. It helps her maintain her joint mobility. It is easy to use & she likes it. Thank you for making these products. Cathy, Tampa, FL

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Helped My Family Of Aging Weimaraners

Dear Makers of Liquid-Vet, at one of the dog shows I picked up literature on your products and purchased it by calling the office. It was after closing and you just happened to still be there. We had a nice, informative conversation, and I decided to purchase your products at a local retailer to try …

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Works Better

I have 6 dogs. They’ve been on Liquid-Vet for 3 months. It is so much easier than pills from the vet. I just dose during mealtime, it’s cheaper, and works better! Janice Clearwater, FL

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Much Less Difficulty Getting Around

I found your Liquid-Vet Joint Holistic Formula at my local pet store in MA. My 13 year old Lab mix, Sophie, has been suffering with joint stiffness. She sustained an injury to her right rear knee when she was an extremely active 3 year old. About 2 years ago, she started having a lot of trouble climbing …

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