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I Use Your Product On Every Single Foster


I foster abused Yorkies and most are older with joint problems, so I use your product on every single one! Plus, it’s affordable for me since I foster so many. This little girl is 10/11 years old. Her hips were so painful she would rather be carried. Now after only 8 weeks on Liquid-Vet, she runs through the …

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Go Go Go!!!

Randall Turner & dogs #2 OK TO USE

It has made both my dogs act like 2 year old pups!!! They had a hard time getting up off the floor and now they don’t lay down much anymore!!! Go Go Go!!! I would not have it any other way. – Randall T., Kansas City, MO

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Thank You So Much


I can’t believe just a few days ago he couldn’t get in his chair and now he can get into it again. I don’t know what I would have done if I would have had to put him down. He’s my service dog, he helps me through a lot. Thank you so much for putting …

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Judy Snyder & Anna OK TO USE

I went on an 18 day trip out west and my dog didn’t do well while I was gone. The person taking care of my dog didn’t give the Liquid-Vet Hip and Joint Support the full time, just some chews. The second day after I got back, she wasn’t able to get her hind legs …

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No Xrays Needed

Pamela Smithson & Romeo OK TO USE

Last visit to the vet for an ear cleaning, the vet suggested my big boy may have the start of arthritis in his hips. I thought I would look into a joint supplement and found Liquid-Vet. Romeo is doing so much better now. Liquid-Vet also saved me money in vet fees; no xrays needed for …

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Very Satisfied


We purchased your product because our Border Collie had sprained her right rear paw and it never really healed as it should have, causing her to favor it. We’ve lessoned her hard activity, which has helped, but also wanted to begin to supplement her body to help her further. We spent about an hour just …

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Made Me So Happy


My Rottweiler needed surgery that was so costly I was gonna try anything. She was on Liquid-Vet a week and started using her leg again. Made me so happy I got my dog back in her happy form again. I couldn’t thank this company enough for providing such a great tool. – Kassie C., Lewiston, ME

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The Rescue Where I Volunteer Now Use It Too


“My Malamute has mild hip stiffness. We thought we were going to have to put him to sleep. Then, I tried Liquid-Vet. It’s a miracle and answer to prayer to find Liquid-Vet. I tell everyone. The rescue where I volunteer also now use it too. My boy, Ares, has become a picky eater, but he …

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Liquid Form is Wonderful


Just want to say thank you for you product. It’s a winner in our home because we cant get the girls to take pills or chew any meds. Because they are greedy little girls, they don’t miss meals so this liquid form is wonderful. Thank you. – Carmel M.

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Less Stiff


We have used your product for a month now and our Golden Doodle seems less stiff. Sandra L., Asheville, NC

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