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No Xrays Needed

Pamela Smithson & Romeo OK TO USE

Last visit to the vet for an ear cleaning, the vet suggested my big boy may have the start of arthritis in his hips. I thought I would look into a joint supplement and found Liquid-Vet. Romeo is doing so much better now. Liquid-Vet also saved me money in vet fees; no xrays needed for …

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Olivia’s Story Will Make a Believer Out of You

Dawn Letto & Olivia OK TO USE

While on vacation, Olivia wasn’t given her Hip & Joint Support by her sitter. We noticed she was having difficulty walking, going up steps, and getting up on her bed. When we found out she didn’t have her Hip & Joint Support, right away we started her back on it. For 7 days we gave …

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What a Difference!


Our (Daisy) a Saint Bernard is 11.5 years old. Our veterinarian has never seen a saint this age in this greatest health! Her hips are really getting sore for her to get up and down stairs etc. I starter her on their liquid joint care products. This is Daisy’s third bittle. What a difference! She …

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Does Wonders For my Fur Babies


I have been using your product for about a year now. I have two English Mastiff’s and a Border Collie. My oldest girl turned 12 in November last year. I have had her since she was about 4 weeks old and I believe she is probably mixed with English Mastiff and German Shepherd. She has …

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We Have Our Guy Back Thanks To You


We tried your Joint Holistic formula for our 13 1/2 year old Sheltie Frankie. At first we bought the small bottle just to see if it would work. We were told the formula wouldn’t work for about 2 weeks. For Frank it was more like 2 days. We now have our happy, perky little guy …

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It is Truly a Lifesaver


I have a 10 month old dog that is already having joint issues. My vet recommended putting him on a joint supplement to help him out. I tried countless products ranging from chews to pills & nothing seemed to help. We thought that our poor guy would need surgery already at such a young age. I …

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This is a God Send

Dawn George_Olive_OK TO USE

I bought Liquid-Vet online a few weeks ago for my older Westie. She was limping and had trouble getting up. Her vet gave her joint medicine and it helped but after she was done with that her limp came back. I started her on Liquid-Vet and I noticed results the first week! It has now been about four …

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Recommend it For Any Dogs or Cats

Anne-Marie Palladine & Heidi

Heidi, our Golden Retriever is eight years old. Unfortunately she has developed joint pain in her hips. At times she has great difficulty standing up or even walking after lying down for a short period of time. Through a lot of research and asking the pet store I came across your product Liquid-Vet Joint. I started using …

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Thank You For Making These Products

I love Liquid-Vet for my 4 year old Siberian Husky. It helps her maintain her joint mobility. It is easy to use & she likes it. Thank you for making these products. Cathy, Tampa, FL

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Helped My Family Of Aging Weimaraners

Dear Makers of Liquid-Vet, at one of the dog shows I picked up literature on your products and purchased it by calling the office. It was after closing and you just happened to still be there. We had a nice, informative conversation, and I decided to purchase your products at a local retailer to try …

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