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Such a Healthy Cat


We have a 14 year old cat. He was limping and rarely played or jumped up – we had to lift him into his bed etc. Now he is so full of energy, he races me up the stairs and is as playful and snuggly as he was when he was young. The vet said he has not seen …

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This is Answered Prayer for our Injured, Old Dog!

Debbie S & dog #2 OK TO USE

I wanted to let you know that we love the Liquid-Vet chicken flavored product. I had tried another powdered supplements for my dog that didn’t help. I saw your product and choose it since it said “guaranteed in 2 weeks.” Our 12-year-old Australian cattle dog, Sadie, has had a torn ACL in her rear leg …

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Liquid-Vet Has Been Amazing

Nancy Miller & Huey OK TO USE

Huey was limping and not interested in playing much. Liquid-Vet has been amazing. He is “interested” and walking without a limp. Playing and is much happier. I recommend it to a friend for her golden (Tucker). I know Tucker will do well. Thank you for this wonderful product. Nancy M., Keene, NH

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Affordable Product!

Haley Rich & dogs #4 OK TO USE

I have giving Liquid-Vet to my personal dogs as well as the dogs we bring into rescue. There have not been any dramatic changes, however my old boy is able to run longer without his limp. That’s HUGE! We also see many dogs come into our rescue with skin, allergies, bad joints, etc. We have …

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Liquid-Vet Is Worth Every Penny

Steven Rust & Elmo OK TO USE

We have a 13-year old Shih-Tzu named Elmo. About 9 months ago, he started to limp when getting up from a nap and he avoided steps and jumping. He stopped greeting us at the door because he was so stiff. I tried a variety of treatments and none seemed to have any effect. I pretty …

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Muscle Tone is Beginning to Come Back

Eileen Caddies & Sookie OK TO USE

I am the owner of a very spoiled 5 year old Rottweiler named Sookie. (She is the 4th Rottie that we have been “parents” to.) Sookie was very active until about a year and a half ago. As much as we love her, surgery was not an option. Our local vet said that she would be …

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Jumping Logs

Carl Gallauresi & Red OK TO USE

Wanted to let you know our mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback was limping a few weeks ago after lying down for a while. A friend suggested your Liquid-Vet and after only 3 weeks his limping is maintained and he is jumping logs on our woods path. Thanks and also thank you for keeping your product “all American.” Carl G., …

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Liquid-Vet Has Been a Godsend

Shelley G. & Luna OK TO USE

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know Liquid-Vet has been a godsend for my 9.5 year old black lab. Luna is a service dog and has put in many, many hours helping. She has always had her doggie time as well and used to love her three hour hikes in …

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She Is Eating Better Now

Julie & Nick Morris & Abbott and Pepper OK TO USE

We have 2 cattle dog rescues that we keep them very active with our life style. We had one Abbott that came to us with an injury and from time to time he would limp or favor it. We came across your product at the Tractor Store. I started give it to Abbott and decided …

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Much Better Than He Was

Wayne Gabrielle & Bear OK TO USE

This is my dog Bear. He was a super active and super guard dog…he keeps everything and anything out of our yard. Last year he developed a limp on a hind leg. Since winter was on the way I took him to the vet to have it checked out. I was told he needed a …

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