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I Love This Stuff


My name is Lady and I am 16 years old. When my dad put me on Liquid-Vet, I could barely walk. After a couple of days, I noticed I could walk better and now on the third bottle and look forward to taking it each morning. I love this stuff. – John P.

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Back to Her Bouncy Old Self Again


I absolutely love your product! My Jack Russell Terrier named Jackie had torn her ligament and the pet store owner directed me to your Liquid-Vet. So, I tried it and because of you, she’s better without surgery a full month earlier than expected and chasing squirrels like nothing ever happened. She’s actually more confident about walking …

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Laps it Up Like It’s Ice Cream!


My Shih Tzu’s name is Miss Priss. She is 16.5 years old. I purchased the Liquid-Vet at my local pet store. Great product… I tried dozens of supplement pills and could not even trick Priss into eating them…. and Miss Priss is a rescue and eats everything. I have to keep her on a diet even at …

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Like a Puppy


Bruiser was dragging his legs when stepping up on the curb or coming across the treshold of the back or front door. The pet store suggested Liquid-Vet. The results were noticeable in 2 days! He hops up like a puppy. Paula H., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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My Papillon Says, Thank U!


My Papillon says, thank u! Woof, woof. Keep this magical stuff on the market into our canine’s achy old bones. We are soooo pleased. She hops around like a jack rabbit and takes herself on runs since we started giving her this in her food. Couldn’t get the tabs into her. This is a great alternative! …

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She Licks Her Bowl Clean!


My 13-year-old Chow mix Lola has joint pain so I researched a supplement to give her, along with the medication that her Vet recommended. I found the ingredients of Liquid-Vet to be excellent and exactly what I was told to look for. I also like the fact that it is made in the USA. I ordered a …

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Great Product at a Good Price


My 13 year old Yorkie is much more active since starting this product. And she likes the taste. Great product at a good price. Gina H., Lake Placid, FL

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No One Can Believe Her Age


At the time I first ordered it, she was having a problem with her rear legs and would favor one of them (hold it up slightly) if she had done a lot of walking or running throughout the day. Now, thanks to your product, she is unbelievable and no one can believe her age. Irene …

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No Pills!


We purchased your Liquid-Vet (Pot Roast) from our local pet store as we have a 10 year Bichon (Winston) who is showing joint pain. Winston has a 3 year old brother and the pair are in-seperable. They are extremely special to us and we would do anything to give him the best life possible…. We fed …

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Made Such a Difference


Your product “Liquid-Vet” made such a difference on my dogs life! Xuxa ( reads CHOOCHAA) jumps on our sofa now on her first attempt! She used to take 5 turns!!! I will certainly recommend it to every pet who has similar problems. Claudia S., St. Petersburg, FL

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