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I wish I Had Put Her On This Product Years Ago!


Amazing product! In only 2 days I witnessed an 80% improvement in my 14 year old dog. Weeks later and continuing to give her a full capful every day, she now exhibits no signs of pain or stiffness. I wish I had put her on this product years ago! Joanne T. Kemptville, ON

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Thank You For Helping Her

Sara Shelley & Brook #2 OK TO USE

A month or two ago, I bought a bottle of your Liquid-Vet for dogs. My dog, Brook, is a 12 year old German Shepherd Husky cross. She has been suffering with stiffness in all of her legs (hips, knees, and wrists) for quite a while now. She pants constantly because she is in pain. Since we …

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Loving Life

Casandra Guetti & Maelie OK TO USE

This is Maelie. She is 7 yrs old and has had hip stiffness since she was about 2 yrs old. She was taking the max dose of prescription pain pills until I found your product. She is now down to 1/4 dose and sometimes I don’t need to give her any pain meds. She has been …

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What An Amazing product

Dale Johnston & Rosie OK TO USE

What an amazing product. Rosie is a Rottweiler, who I rescued through a Craigslist posting in 2009. She is now ten years old, and appears to suffer some stiffness on cool mornings, and generally when she first gets up in the morning. I should say… used to suffer some stiffness. I’ve been using the Liquid …

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Has Significant Stiffness…

I have a 10-year-old English Setter who had knee surgery about 3 years ago. He is a grouse hunting dog, so at times he gets a lot of exercise, and sometimes he would have some pretty significant stiffness in his knee. I have been using your supplement every day now for about a year and …

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An Affordable and Quality Product

Joe & Angie Vago & Jozie OK TO USE

We are new to your product. We mainly got it to help our 14-year-old Pug who has been suffering from stiffness in his hips. Seeing how it has maintained his stiffness in the coarse of a few weeks time we now give it to our other dogs as preventive maintenance. A Husky and a 120lb …

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She Wants to Play All the Time

Wendy Carella & Sif OK TO USE

This poor girl has hip problems. Trying to chase her ball even a few times left her in so much stiffness that when she tried to walk the next day she would walk on her front feet doing her best to keep the back ones from touching the floor even after meds. Sif’s been on Liquid-Vet for …

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Hip Stiffness is Maintained


I wanted you to know that we are on what must be our sixth bottle of your product. We have an eight year old Bassador (Basset Hound, Labrador mix) named Gabriel, who was having trouble with his rear hips. Since he has been receiving your product daily, we believe his hip stiffness is maintained. As …

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The Liquid is a Blessing


I have a very elderly greyhound (rescue) that has been on your product for a little more than 60 days and I can say without a doubt that it’s helped with the stiffness and resulting immobility in her hips. In the past I struggled with pills including chewables- that she wouldn’t chew-so the liquid is …

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Will Definitely Keep Her on It


I bought Liquid-Vet for my 10 year old Labrador Retriever about 5-6 weeks ago. She had been showing signs of stiffness when getting up from her mat and walking very slow. Since being on Liquid-Vet, she is running more and her regular walk is at a brisker pace. She is obviously in less discomfort. We …

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